A History of Psyche

This work is ongoing and continues to evolve. All works are original, mixed media on watercolor paper.

Blue Ridge | Mixed Media | $300

The idea began to grow in June of 2012 when a derecho swept through my home town of Richmond, Virginia. I was captivated not just by the enormous storm system and expansive clouds but by the defining words themselves – “bow-echo form of squall line.” I thought that phrase was as riveting as the pictures of the clouds I clicked through for days in awe.

Derecho: Bow-echo form of squall line | Acrylic | SOLD

My first piece to capture the massive ephemera of clouds was a work called “Derecho” which sold at a show in 2013. I did not revisit my cloudy works until I bought a home in 2015 where a tumultuous relationship lead me to a breakthrough in my art and an expression of my own internal landscapes.

Psyche: Turmoil | Mixed Media | SOLD

The first in the Psyche Series was “Turmoil.” This work leads the way for others and continues to be the favorite of many who first encounter my paintings. As with many of Psyche paintings, Turmoil sold to a friend who said that the moment he saw the painting he realized it was his, that it belonged to him and spoke to him.

That is the purpose of Psyche. To reach across the divide of separateness and connect people wordlessly, to themselves, others, and art. It is a call to know oneself, something very human and ancient, something we discover every day through reflection, storytelling, and expression. Psyche, if anything, is a visual language for the soul and the mind. I hope the work continues to inspire others and fill them with a sense of ownership and recognition.