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About Lindsey

Lindsey Jennings, nee Leach, is an artist living in Richmond, Virginia. She has created art since she was a child. While not a fulltime artist, she works in nonprofit, she leads a creative life and finds different ways to explore this, be it the visual arts, writing, or cooking.

Creativity does not just show up, sometimes it must be rooted out and found in ways that are seemingly mundane. This crossroads of creativity and the mundane have given her a rich life because the perspective itself shapes her view of the world and in her mind, the world is full of wonders.

In her spare time, she pursues what she calls the “Muse” through mixed media, graphic pencil, acrylic, pen and ink drawings, and ink paintings. She draws inspiration from nature and science. She loves animals and has composed a number of custom animal portraits.

Lindsey does accept commissioned pieces – contact her to create your own, unique piece in any of her styles. If you want something from the Psyche series, she recommends you start with an emotion or feeling and describe to her the colors you’d see associated with it. If you’d like an abstract piece from her Lychen series, give her a color palette to work with.